Will the temple increase parking problems or congestion on my street?

No.  Church architects and planners work with local residents and governments to ensure that transportation access is adequate.

Despite the size of temples, the volume of patrons is smaller than a typical meetinghouse or “mega-church.”  Temples are not large halls like cathedrals or auditoriums; they are divided into numerous smaller rooms.  As such, they are not intended to accommodate large groups of people at once.

Temples include their own attached parking.  They do not rely on local or “public” parking to accommodate temple patrons.

See what some non-Mormon government and neighbors have said about this issue:

Tom Martin, Mayor, Lubbock, Texas.

“There were a few concerns about traffic, but the design of the parking lots and the design of the building itself and how it was oriented…were adapted by the Church and so the neighbors were satisfied and the approvals were very fast [in] coming.” The mayor is here speaking of the Lubbock, Texas temple, dedicated in 2002.

Nathan Cohen, Physicist, Belmont, MA

“There were major concerns at first that it was maybe too big a facility for what the road could handle.  But I have to tell you in the many years since the temple has been built there hasn’t been one time that I have ever or my family has ever been inconvenienced by traffic….